billy started as a student at shadbolt centre for the arts where he learned to make pottery and fell in love with the technique of throwing on the wheel as well as hand building.  billy likes expressing ideas in three-dimensional form, combining sculptural to the functional. his pieces, in their shape and colour, reference themes of minimalism, modernism, and restraint. by only incorporating glaze as a functional element, billy keeps  his work as organic as possible in order to bring out the natural beauty of stoneware. working with different types of clay bodies, he seeks to reinvent the profile and industrial purpose without compromising the traditional standards of ceramics. billy’s aim is to create a series of functional tableware that can be for everyday use, applying sculptural elements in which he can explore and push the boundaries of ceramic profiles by deconstructing and reconstructing the objective and purpose of ceramic design.

conceptualizing ball + cup as an extension of billy and his dog darla, the brand was created from billy's love for pottery and hoop culture.  it also symbolizes the transformation of a simple ball of clay into a functional object, embracing play and design in the body of work.  at ball + cup, we offer contemporary sculptural pieces along with functional tableware for modern times.  our collection of premium handmade pieces ranges from series to series, designed to enhance your lifestyle.